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you are not walking away. we have been here. we will be here. >> man, the two sides in the bitter bart labor dispute. they remain in the bargaining table this late hour. >> commuters hold their breath. a deal could be reached as the strike deadline draws closer. >> i'm heather holmes.  time is running out literally. take a look. bart and the unions now have one day, one hour, and 59 minutes to negotiate a deal and avoid a strike come monday morning. we have live team coverage. debra deleone has been
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monitoring and joins us from oakland with the latest. >> heather, no breakthroughs, but a much better tone. and they are still packing. it's been 12 hours. a longer day than they usually put in. >> reporters eager for an any crumb of news are bound to see the arrival of food, lots of it as a positive sign the two sides in the bart talks are digging in on big issues. >> will be taking a working dinner break. that's all i have. >> is there anything different? anything better? >> everything every day is something different. >> it has been a strident week for both sides. workers giving their strike notice and marching. and bart's boss press her case for new trains, not higher salaries. >> not just about the service
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today but in the service in the future, in the next 100 years. >> riders are worried about the day to tomorrow. the misery of the shutdown still fresh. >> this is one of the needles. >> and bart janitors, talking about their job. >> clean up needles, urine in the elevator. we come out to try to keep it clean every day, but when the people come through. >> starting salary for them, 42000, topping at 52000. >> gag order is supposed to keep each team from negotiating. they seem sunny about getting a deal. >> he's been entrenched inside ever since, leading it up to the union to see what's happening. >> we're looking at proposals. we're exchanging proposals. >> are you on the major issues. >> yes. >> long-awaited movement could
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give the talks some momentum. >> the unions understand the gravity of the situation. we also know today, it's august 3rd. i think that's a breakthrough of the district. they recognize today, it's august 3rd. >> tomorrow we know it's the fourth and final day of the contract extension. they can keep working and could keep talking we will stay outside as long as they are inside to bring you any developments much live in oakland, debra dallyon, ktvu news. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. if there is a strike next week, caltrans hopes to extend the hours along interrer state 80. instead of enforcing the hov lane, it will remain in effect nearly all day from 5:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. bart riders wait to hear if
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there's a strike or not, some are preparing on a nightmare. they are preparing if need be to step up service come monday. >> bart train arriving taking you to the destination is always a welcome site. will the trains be coming on monday and beyond. >> yes, do i. >> at the bart station, a station agent says he doesn't know if a strike will happen. if it does, it will be because the workers have no choice. >> workers still have rights in america and worldwide. there's times you need to take action when forced into the action. >> i think it will be a tough situation for people. i hope they can resolve things quickly. >> in a strike, ac trapsit will pick up some of the slack with additional service as much as possible. one driver says she's ready. >> how did it go last time? >> it was a lot of work.
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a lot of extra people. all in all, it was still all right. >> fund raise ner san francisco, mayor demand add quick resolution. >> this is the public's investment. not to forget the bargaining table. we have to drive the folks to an agreement. >> they will be running hard with five additional boats in the water. like last time, they will be all packed. >> i don't want to see them -- want to see them treated fairly. >> people riding by bike, by bus, people think a strike will not be averted but they remain hopeful. a live look at the caltrans building in oakland. we should have the picture live. that's the website where you have the latest information. here's the continuing coverage, the caltrans building in
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oakland. that's where the negotiations are taking place. we will continue to have updates throughout the newscast and live update on talks as they develop. fire crews had to cut through windows security bar toss rescue a man from a burning home in oakland. firefighters responded to the home just after 3:00 this morning. we're told the father and son lived there. the son was able to get out. the father in the 70s was still inside. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. firefighters say the window bars didn't have a quick release. and investigators are looking into the cause. they hope the release of two photos will help them find a handbag toting bank robber. police this woman robbed the pacific avenue bank of the west. robber is described as in her
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40s, 5'3", four inches, wore a hat, sun glasses and carried a woven handbag. east bay community tption to be outraged. >> a huge demonstration today marked the upcoming anniversary of the chevron refinery fire. coming later at 10:30, why all of those people were arrested and what they demanded from chevron. second major protest in the bay area. gay rights protesters demonstrated at the russian consulate, angry on the harsh anti-gay laws. they banned so-called propaganda. speaking of gay rights in front of children. protesters waved the flag and called for solidarity with
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russian gangs. >> one can't declare one is gay or lesbian without the pain of incarceration. it's similar to laws, that were enacted elsewhere that prohibit teaching anything positive about guei people in the schools or in any other public venue. >> bartenders around the world are protesting by pouring out russian vodka. the well-known brand has condemned the new laws. and activists have threatened to boy kout the winter olympics. and today, u.s. figure skater, his presence at the olympics will be more effective than any boycott. >> first of all, i'm a figure skater. we wear elaborate costumes. it's been eluded as propaganda and i'm married to a russian american man. >> russian sports officials say
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the country's anti-guei laws will not apply to guests and athletes taking part in next year's olympics. they have withdrawn a petition. clerk says he cancelled his petition because it covered the same ground. the voter amendment that defines marriage between a man and woman. only a state appeals court will overturn the voter approved law. he said it would be cruel if he found out the same-sex couple's marriage was invalid because a high court didn't rule it was constitutional. police tonight, looking for the hit an run driver who ran into a crowd of people. >> it happened in the venice beach boardwalk. at least 12 people were injured. rick lozano is live with a new development in the story. that's right.
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ken, good evening, everyone. and one of 12 victims in the case has now died. we understand there's one suspect in custody. l.a.p.d. is still here along the venice boardwalk inn big numbers. the investigation has just begun. people who saw the incident, says, it looked intentional. we have the surveillance video of the unbelievable episode. we want to show it to you regular speed and will slow it down as the dark blue car plows through venice beach and taking out at least 12 helpless victims. >> sorry. >> okay. >> wow. it may have looked like a scene from holly wood. >> we thought it was a movie. we're constantly shooting movies. and the guy just started barreling down. people started screaming. we parted like the red sea. >> this was no cinematic
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production. instead a horrifying drama played out in front of witnesses. >> he took out the first tent and took out the attendance. and hit the old woman shopping at the tent. >> you're saying this looked deliberate. >> then after he hit them people heard the screaming. promenade, people, he spread to the side. he started weaving. he hit about 6-7 more people all the way down until he made a left this way and took off. >> the suspect never stopped as he took out vendors alike for at least a three block stretch. police say a search for the blue dodge challenger or avengers continue. >> the fact that the individual left the scene of the accident, didn't render aid, minimum, felony hit and run. >> we have no fatalities. two critical patients transported and we had a total
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of ten patients that were minor. two treated release and scene. others were transported to various hospitals in the area. >> as we come back live, you could he see dozens of investigators who remain on scene here on venice beach. we can update the story by telling you one of the 12 victims in the case has died. l.a.p.d. is also taken one suspect into custody. he's a male white. we believe he's turned himself in. they think he confiscate add vehicle, that is tied to the story. this area of venice beach will be closed for some time to come. kevin heather, back to you. >> a moving tribute to peace. we'll take you to the special ceremony in the east bay. remembering events that changed the world. new alerts for american travelers. and commencement speech that's out of the world.
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the special treats the college students received at their graduation.
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. tonight a special ceremony of light to remember two dark days of world war ii. bombings of hiro shim ma. more than 100 people gathered for the loss of life and speak out for peace. this is one of the lanterns that took a journey across the north end of the aquatic park.
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love, mirrors, the message of many others. the candles flickered inside the lanterns. each set afloat with messages of peace. this mansfield -- >> came from japan. >> he decor lantern. >> and i wrote that japanese -- >> and it's been almost 68 years since the united states dropped an atomic bomb on august 6th, 1995. the second one, three days later in nag shaqy japan. the hometown, kyoto is five hours from hiroshima. he remembers a childhood field trip. so shocked and so moved. you know, if they if they didn't spoke out, i couldn't learn anything about that the
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tragedy of it. >> nearly 200 people gathered to see peace take a physical form. >> i think it's important because we need to remember what happened. >> this is a very peaceful ceremony. there are many ways to deal he with the situations of war. this is one that connects to yourself. >> others like this man who survived the bombing. >> i'm -- >> and later, here in the united states, he said he learned the power of forgiveness. >> this is the 12th year the participants gathered for the event. >> and a forum aimed at understanding the ins and outs of health care reform. congresswoman was among those who spoke at the event. there's sessions of small business owners on the impact of affordable care act.
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this is one of eight town hall meetings being organized by the congressional black caucus. apple is applauding a rare look on the white house. president obama's trade, is i impacting a ban on i-pad and i- phones. they decided apple devices violate add patent by sam tongue. later today, samsung expressed the disappointed. twitter announced new features to stop abuse. instead of having to report threats, users will have a one click button for instant reporting across the platform. the button is available for apple apps. and also, twitter's banned practices such as slamming an individual with messages or opening an account to harz
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someone. >> major league baseball, appears poised to hand down some suspensions. espn is reporting that alex rodriguez will be suspended. word of the action comes after the investigation of the performance enhancing drugs from a florida clinic. a-rod has a place in the yankees all season because of the injury. he said last night, the $275 million contract makes him a target. >> all this stuff is going on in the background and people are finding creative ways. >> and sources tell espn, the suspensions will likely last through the season. >> warnings comes after a series of recent prison breaks. interpoll asked the country to impact country of terrorist suspects who escaped. and yesterday, the u.s.
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state department warned americans that the terrorist group may be planning attacks in the mid east and north africa. and tomorrow, nearly two dozen u.s. embassies and consulates will close as a precaution. one american heading overseas says he's taking it to heart. >> president obama is continuing with his waked weekend plans in camp david but is receiving regular updates on the situation. it's unclear how the travel alert and the warnings may be related. the discovery of a suspicious package shut down the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. the bomb squad found what looked like a handbag across the street from the embassy. they quickly determined the item was harmless. out of the world commencement speech from an
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astronaut. >> i am extremely proud to be provider of unmg. >> check that out. karen nyburg. she's as she mention a mechanical engineer and has been twittering images. told the new graduates of the university of north dakota to shoot for the stars. powerball fever is building in california. the winning numbers were -- check it out. 24, >> now the current jackpot is 307 million some change. powerball officials haven't announced if someone won tonight's jackpot. besides, newcomer california, 42 states now take part in the lottery game. tears and gratitude. special wedding for a little boy with only weeks to live.
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>> such a sad story. also running of the bulls. the plan to bring the controversial spanish tradition to the bay area. implosion in central california goes terribly wrong. how a handful of spectators got injured. and another round of low clouds rite now. the one direction temperatures will be heading in the next few days.
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. implosion gone wrong. at least five people were hurt by flying debris. tonight, one man is at a trauma center. he lost part of his leg when he was hit by a piece of metal.
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officials say he could lose his other leg, too. >> his leg is all torn up. >> shortly after the explosion, a piece of probably four inch by six inch metal slap shrapnel. all of those hurt were standing in an area that was supposed to be safe for viewers. more details. pg&e says it's deeply saddened. in a statement, they will work closely with the investigating agencies and contractors . pennsylvania couple, married today with 2-year-old son. and 4-year-old boy is dying of an aggressive form. and the toddler only had a few weeks to live. >> and instead of being sick all the time, we held off.
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we always knew he was going to get better. >> this is our dream come true. our family and we're altogether celebrating, the celebration of my son's life and the celebration of our marriage. >> today the family called the wedding, with tears and gratitude that logan could participate. challenger said the country is in mourning. mr. mugabe won 51 percent of the vote, allegations the election was named with elections of the dead. they say the election was fraudulent and plan to take legal action. u.s. secretary of state, kerry says it doesn't represent the way of the zimbabwe people. they attempted to attack the indian consulate.
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as the bombers checked -- police fired in the car. and the taliban says it's not responsible for the attack and suspicions have fallen. and the group blamed for the 2008 attack that killed 166 people. >> won't have to cross the, the planet. running of the bulls. and it's inspired by the daredevil. and the bill run has killed 15 people and the $100 year history. organizers of the great bull run, insists they are taking extra safety precautions much the location next june has not yet been announced. a large protest against the bay area's largest employers. >> hundreds marching through the streets of richmond. >> getting a little r&r. how the fund-raiser in the
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south bay is helping u.s. troops. we are all reflections of
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the people who came before us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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. taking a look at the countdown clock. bart and the unions have one day an over an hour to negotiate a deal and avoid a strike on monday morning. at this hour both sides are still at the negotiating table. this is a live look at the caltrans building. it is serving as neutral ground for bart and union negotiators who are still at the table later in the hour. we have a crew giving us the latest developments. in the event of the strike, the ktvu morning team will bring you the latest half hour early on monday. join us at 4:00 a.m.
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outside the walls of san quinn ten, solidarity for hundreds of prisoners, staging inside the california prison. the striking inmates call for prolong solitary confinement for prisoners. and one of those demonstrating is the wife. she says her husband has lost 20-pounds. >> his eyes are yell loasm his kidneys are failing they have tried to give him the electrolytes. >> she says her husband spent eight years in pelican bay. she says prolonged isolation makes it almost impossible. and after the release, the husband was convicted of murder. he's now on death row. another protest led to the arrest of more than 200 people in the city of richmond's biggest employer demonstration
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marked the upcoming anniversary of the richmond refinery. march through richmond from the bart station to the chevron refinery, three days from the -- >> and make sure nothing ever happens about climate change. today, it's the day about putting chevron on notice. >> climate activists, many holding sun -- flowers, demanded that chevron make the changes. >> our mission needs to be reduced. >> the police say the crowd may be over 2000. >> organizers asked volunteers to risk arrest. >> we cannot allow trespassers. that begins to cross align to other behaviors that could be
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more dangerous. >> cheers erupted as police began at 1:30. >> included nine yearly hail lep small. >> get out of the crisis we're in. >> the grandson followed suit. >> one of the inspirational things i've seen in my life. >> police say more than 200 was arrested for trespassing. one was arrested for looting. more details now. chevron issued the statement about the protest and refinery fire, saying in part, quote, operating safely is one of our core values. we're committed that something like the august incident doesn't happen again. >> police are investigating a deadly shooting. police say they were called to nay avenue around 8:00 this
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morning. officers found an 18-year-old man shot to death in his car. that area is about a block from parker elementary school. no one else was hurt. that's no word of an arrest. san jose police is investigating the 30th homicide of the year. police say someone shot the woman. it happened around 1:30 in downtown san jose near south 2nd and san salvador street. the driver stopped and called 911. the woman was taken to the hospital. so far, no suspects has been identified and the motive is unknown. >> get to enjoy a little downtown. the united service organization, better known as the ufo, set up a destination. proceeds go to provide snacks and drinks for u.s. troops. >> place to go, where they can
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be themselves, relax, stay at the airport or traveling through the airport. >> uso has centers, and san jose and travis air force base. there are 100 uso centers across the tv. >> how a -- to step up and protect the bay area police force. >> the fog is increasing. mark tamayo, on what to expect for your sunday?
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. so far, a fairly nice start for the weekend.
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that's after some stubborn fog. no major heat out there. temperatures in the 80s. pretty chilly towards san francisco and pacifica. readings in the 60s. 64 in san francisco this afternoon. right now, live storm tracker 2, cloud track increasing and toward point reyes. we still have this. a good onshore wind. travis air force base, winds out of the southwest, sustained at 23 miles an hour. oakland, the airport wins. and sfo, the westerly wind 15 miles an hour. and san jose, they were -- i have been talking about pushing to the bay area. and oakland partly to mostly cloudy skies. more cloud cover in san francisco, last check. this fog increasing.
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an the extended. and temperatures do cool off a few degrees by webs and thursday. the overnight lows, you definitely want to bundle it up. hayward and san jose to start the day. the area of high pressure to the east. the area of low pressure to the north. this will win out in the next few days. with that, the beaches on the cooler side. patchy fog nearby. around the base, morning fog and winds do pick up. inland neighborhoods, patchy fog in the morning. clearing skies in the afternoon hours. all the cloud cover tomorrow morning, few patches inland and want to bundle tomorrow morning. once again, the clouds clear back. a few patches along the coast and by this time tomorrow, 9:00 tomorrow night, clouds are already in the increase.
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forecast highs tomorrow, lots of 70s and 80s. toward petaluma and vacaville. liver more, in the mid-80s. san jose, forecast high, upper 70s. san francisco. clouds in the morning, patchy overcast in the afternoon. 63 degrees. look ahead the five-day forecast. no major changes for monday. take off a few degrees on tuesday. to wednesday. heather and ken, you can see here, excessive heat. chilly. >> and thanks, mark. a little boy's generosity is making bay area police and his k-9's safer. today, 5-year-old buchanan, presented a -- latest k-9. he's inspired to donate all of his money. $100 he saved from allowances
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and tooth fairy. a story he seen at ktvu. he's amazed at the huge donation. >> that's a huge amount of money. we're thankful and grateful to do such a thing. >> pet through expressed. the fund-raiser was so -- it could provide to northern california k-9 team. coming up next, the nfl's hall of fame. oakland a's. sports wrap. fred english is coming up next.
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. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us the edition of sports wrap. today at the coliseum, they frustrated texas rangers pitcher matt garza bumps and bomb. al west falls to 2 1/2 games. cocoa, finishes with two bunts for garza. next batter, lowry. look at cocoa race home like at that he's late for supper. he's not bunting much he's bashing. 17th homer of the year.
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pitcher, started. kinsler looks to pitch for a solo shot. parker gives up two runs and earns first win since june 18th. the book on the pitcher, can't handle it well. of course, the insurance run. guys doesn't like the baseball and let's him know it. time for the right field fans to rage. and dropping the profile to his knees much and that's the 29th save. leads the rangers by 3 1/2 in the west we know we put together nine complete innings. it will take more than that to come out and set the tone and score some runs an be up beat. i think that's a big thing for us right now.
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>> the season, the only thing worst than the giants offense is the lack of fundamentals. it cost them again today in st. petersburg. it's not just the players having issues catching the ball. this giants fan tried to make a play and he blew the start of starting him. giants were one for eight. reys pitcher, facing crawford. perfect bounce up the middle. that's scoring. 1-0 in the 3rd. -- and then later in the 3rd, ben chopping the second. an molina scores 1-1. rays rookie, bounces in
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